15 seconds of light


15 Seconds of Light

Interactive installation

Mira Berlin Festival 2018, Berlin, Germany

Under the modern digital eye of fast and fleeting information, networks and notoriety, everybody's 15 minutes of fame can be compressed to shine into 15 seconds of light.Powered by ROBE Lighting and commissioned by MIRA Festival, Tigrelab and ProtoPixel created “15 Seconds of Light” an ever-changing space based on interactive lighting and generative sound

The piece, presented for the first time in Funkhaus of Berlin, allowed people to freely act over the light and soundscape through a microphone placed in the middle of space. 

“15 Seconds of Light” was built using 20 Robe Pointes, ProtoPixel lighting technology, C4D and Pure Data. 

An installation by Tigrelab

Original generative sound design by Mathieu BosiLighting Technology: ProtoPixel

Video edit: Felipe MejiaPhotography: Xarlene Visuals / Tigrelab