The Directors

Mathieu Felix

Mathieu loves to conceive scenography and give it life through audiovisual mapping, light installation and sound design.

He graduated in Fine Arts and specialized in new media communications. Passionate about the connection of the body within augmented spaces, he gets stimulated by combining his vision with other artists’ such as choreographers, music composers or developers to explore new languages.

Javier Pinto

Javier started in the graphic communication industry, but always had a special talent for craftsmanship and three-dimensional design with paper. This three-dimensional approach is what allowed him to discover the world of moving graphics from a more practical point of view. This helped him to develop and increase his passion on the field, enabling him to face all kinds of challenges with an open and creative mind.

Federico Gonzalez

Federico is a graphic designer. Deeply interested in telling stories through moving image, and silent groopy about history and architecture.

Fede’s path has gone through many areas like art direction, advertising, branding, vfx and motion design, gaining recognition for his animation piece “the ABC of Architects”.

He escapes from embracing a visual style, and is always looking for new graphic forms of expression. He now likes taking Motion Graphics out of its comfort zone, bringing content in other surfaces, media and platforms.