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AV Installation

Sharjah Light Festival 2018, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Monoliths is a reflection in regard to the massive digitalisation of our environment and the benchmark lost that it creates.

As a consequence of the new technologies and through our multiples avatars, we could be in a lot of places at the same time but rarely fully in one.

It was presented for the opening night of the Sharjah Light Festival 2018.

17 projectors of 20k, 4 led tower of 7 x 2,5 meters and 12 Skytracers compose this large scale audiovisual installation.


Sharjah Light Festival 2018
Organized by SCTDA
Produced by Nomada

Original music from Thomas Vaquié

Tigrelab Team:

Mathieu Felix
Federico Gonzalez
Javier Pinto

Dan Garotte
Filip Roca
Felipe Kenji
Felipe Mejia
Antonio Nieto
Hernan Scassa
Maud Zaba